Internet Down? Several Major Websites Go Down in Global Outage

Cloudflare has acknowledged the problems with its CDN service that seem to have impacted a list of popular websites around the world.

Internet Down? Several Major Websites Go Down in Global Outage

Worried seeing ‘500 Internal Server Error’ on your favourite website? It is apparently due to a global outage that has impacted a list of a popular websites around the globe. The affected websites include Minecraft, Discord, and Canva, among others. Some people are even not able to detect the outage on Ookla’s DownDetector, which is meant to help track Internet outages around the world. Although the exact reason for the global Internet outage is yet to be revealed, it appears to be due to some issues with content delivery network (CDN) Cloudflare.

According to theĀ latest update available on the Cloudflare Status website, some “wide-spread issues” appeared impacting the CDN service. The company acknowledged the issues and has implemented a fix. However, it would take some time to reflect changes on the affected websites.

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